We very focused on customising a solution that highlights where systems can be improved and enable an organisation to best protect the entire IT infrastructure.

Methodology Behind Our IT Services

MPMM (our project management method) is based on the worldwide project management standards, We strives to utilise this style of methodology across our IT services to generate a number of outcomes which include but are not limited to:

  • Creating clear, concise project roadmaps
  • Monitor time, cost and quality
  • Control change and scope
  • Minimise risks and issues
  • Manage staff and suppliers

The method involves generating a clear understanding of our clients business which we achieve through collaborative discuss of current and future needs and goals; and creating a set of agreed deliverable which is signed off prior to a projects inception. We’ve proven our consultants and this methodology works numerous times as our IT consultants deliver a better standard of project, in less time and with less confusion and conflict.

Our IT Services

Our services revolve around our refresh IT, protect IT and support IT business units. We endeavour to deliver everything you need in one personal, agile and efficient technology partner as we work collaboratively with you to achieve success. From Audit and assessment, to complete infrastructure renewal projects covering virtual and physical storage, servers and networking to the protection of data contain therein we understand IT from your perspective and have a proven record of delivering personalised and efficient IT solutions in a timely, professional manner.

The Next Steps

Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll discuss your objections and goals. This will either be done face to face in a meeting or via the telephone depending on what your preference is.

Our Everstar Consultants will then develop some ideas through a formal proposal and work out the fees for you. This can then be discussed and amended, the goals for the project firmly agreed along with the deliverables and then we will carry out the work.

We are firm believers in reviewing what we do with you all throughout the process as well as at the end of the project through benefits realisation if it is applicable for you at no additional cost.