Euro 2016 digital campaigns: So far, so uninspiring


Another tiring maelstrom of tournament advertising is upon us.

Sport transfixes in a way that pretty much no other (broadcastable) activity does, and therefore brands know that Euro 2016 offers value for money.

TV, footballers and creative that travels/translates well is the advertising order of the day, with honourable mention for the role of Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s look at some early acitivty…

The slightly uninspiring


Would Sir Alex Ferguson have appeared in an advert for iced tea? Those were different days.

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s presumptive manager at time of writing, appeared for Lipton in April 2016 and the ad is set to be revamped for EURO 2016.

This ad truly represents the template for an international campaign based on a one-take celebrity appearance.

Turkish Airlines

The ‘Meet Europe’s Best’ campaign includes TV commercials, plane liveries, ticket giveaways and a microsite. Turkish Airlines will also show matches on some of its planes and have sites in host cities.

Focusing on the digital side of the campaign, the strategy is fairly bulletproof – use a ticket giveaway as an incentive to boost social media exposure and data capture (via competition entries on the microsite).

Though as an official sponsor the brand will surely see massive uplift and run a successful campaign, some of the execution is slightly poor.

Look at the microsite below – the tweeted entries to the competition (via the hashtag #europesbest) are embedded poorly, with no media on display (users have to click to view).

This makes the page – designed to ally supporter passion with brand image – completely boring.

The microsite also hosts the short TV spots, which are no doubt running as bookends. I’ve embedded one below and, as you’ll no doubt agree, they are in-keeping with the average commercial bookend (so bad they’re almost good).